Management innovations

The management innovations that were pointed out by the participants were the following:

  • Benchmarking
  • Brainstorming
  • Collection and analysis of statistical data to support decisions
  • Consortia, resource sharing and cooperation Library performance evaluation systems (LibQUAL, Priority Search, etc.)
  • Integrated Library Management Systems
  • Library managers close to organisation leaders
  • Library staff continuous training
  • Project development and management (internal, external and international projects)
  • Management by objectives
  • Management with Balanced Scorecard
  • Marketing culture
  • Meetings
  • Models of staff management following some solutions from industrial and marketing enterprises
  • Quality management systems (TQM, ISO 9001, etc.)
  • Staff's new competencies and skills (digital, management, training)
  • Staff's performance evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Team work, small task forces and focus groups
  • User-centred management
  • Users' studies
  • Work by processes


Delphi Round 1

This discussion was launched with the following question:

From your point of view, what management innovations, developed in the past 20 years, have really improved academic libraries’ management?

Na sua opinião, que inovações na gestão, desenvolvidas nos últimos 20 anos, se traduziram em efectivas melhorias na gestão das bibliotecas universitárias?

Delphi invitation text

I invite all academic librarians to participate in a Delphi study about management innovation in academic libraries.

This research aims to gather opinions from academic librarians that will help to identify the main management innovations that have improved academic libraries' management.

The participants will have total anonymity and the answers will be confidential.

This study started as a research included in the MA in Information and Library Management from the Northumbria University. It is being conducted by Ana Cosmelli, a librarian from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) that has been working in academic libraries since 2000.