Management innovations

The management innovations that were pointed out by the participants were the following:

  • Benchmarking
  • Brainstorming
  • Collection and analysis of statistical data to support decisions
  • Consortia, resource sharing and cooperation Library performance evaluation systems (LibQUAL, Priority Search, etc.)
  • Integrated Library Management Systems
  • Library managers close to organisation leaders
  • Library staff continuous training
  • Project development and management (internal, external and international projects)
  • Management by objectives
  • Management with Balanced Scorecard
  • Marketing culture
  • Meetings
  • Models of staff management following some solutions from industrial and marketing enterprises
  • Quality management systems (TQM, ISO 9001, etc.)
  • Staff's new competencies and skills (digital, management, training)
  • Staff's performance evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Team work, small task forces and focus groups
  • User-centred management
  • Users' studies
  • Work by processes

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